Week 1 Shape Shifters

My practice is moving forwards. Profession I earn nothing from my photos, personal i enjoy it. Someone asked me the other day actually, Why are you doing the degree, Professional or hobby?
I found it hard to answer this, I’m not sure. I don’t earn a living from it so i don’t class myself as a professional but i don’t think it's a hobby either. As an artist i have to create, its not something i do just for pleasure in my spare time, its been part or in me since i can remember. It's an inherent part of me. So my photography at the moment is evolving, learning, developing, growing and i don’t think the creative journey ever ends. If i don’t make money from it thats fine with me, i can earn money many different ways as i’m a skilled person in many different areas, so i don’t find i have that pressure on me, but I would like to become recognised as a photographer artist. I do find that as i’ve become more skilled in the field that if i don’t have a purpose for the image then i struggle to shoot. Why am I taking this image and how will it be used?

The intent of my work is to create an awareness of the nature world to wider audiences. To connect people with nature. As i learn more about the natural world i become more connected to it which in turn informs my practice. I read a lot of books to do with nature to underpin my knowledge of the subject and to help me write more creatively.
I intend to continue to explore photography techniques to help develop and new creative ideas. Researching into apple fruit photography gave a lot of still life images, like Julia Sents work

julia sent.jpg

which isn’t really what i’m doing but maybe i could look into this as a way of shooting outdoors. Use the natural fruit fall to recreate studio style still life.

As part of my BA in Marine and Natural History photography my major project was based on water with an abstract image style. The images were printed onto fabric and made into a handmade patchwork wall hanging. Since then i have being experimenting with this style of work and intend to carry this exploration through to this major project. I have used my printed fabric to make bags made with recycled jeans and cushions. I have been exploring with the idea of having the work displayed outside for this work. By using a fabric which is water proof, or just using normal fabric and allowing the elements to turn it into something else. My aim is to create a body of work that i will be able to continue on with after this degree as a multi disciplined artist creating bodies of work but covering different topics, with the aim to sell the pieces as artwork or items that are designed pieces from a collection.
My images shape shift into many different areas, they could be used for the Iford Cider advertising campaign or bottle labels, marketing.



I will be working closely with the team at Iford as they will be following the progression of the project and are very keen to get involved. We all love the orchard and we all want to use it and show it off to an audience to show how wonderful these ancient orchards are, and that they should be preserved as part of our english countryside heritage.

The project will be shown on the estate somewhere, this will evolve and talked about as we go along, but i’ve been thinking about maybe an outdoor exhibition shown in the Historic Peto garden which is adjacent to the Orchard, the Orchard can be seen from the Peto Garden.

The garden is used frequently for photo shoots and film settings. Whilst i worked there the famous American artist and quilt maker Kaffe Fassett http://www.kaffefassett.com/ had a photo shoot for one of his quilt books.


I will source this out as i can’t find it on a search at the moment. I have a copy back at home which i will dig it. But this gave me the idea of using the grounds as the exhibition space. The garden has many sculptures and art, garden features in place and the cloister is the venue for the Iford Arts Opera season http://www.ifordarts.org.uk/ so the garden is already a hub of art and inspiration.

The aim is to connect different audience to new areas of art and interests.

The research of this project will also go into the family history library which is already long standing, making it a historical point of interest for future generation to be informed by.