Week 10 Enter the Academy

I've had a great break through this week with my CRJ. I've been struggling since having to do a crj with doing it weekly or at all. I put together my notes in my own note form but didn't publish it. I was using Wordpress and i didn't enjoy the process of using it to record my ideas and to display my journey through this masters. Having decided i needed to change it for it to work i look into other blog platforms and found Square space. This style of layout and the way its designed for us to use it suits me. I found within a few hours of using it that i was happy to be in the space and use it. It suits me. I'm hoping that this breakthrough with the CRJ will allow me to be more active in the weekly upkeep of the blog. The thought of coming into the site and using it doesn't freak me out like the other one did, i just didn't want to use it so i didn't. I feel with this kind of blog when attached to a degree program you need to be comfortable with every aspect of the design layout and ease of use that suits your abilities. I'm happy i've found mine. 


My project this week has taken another turn in it's development. Whilst researching Harold Peto for the garden at Iford i discovered he's designed more gardens. 



Easton Lodge, essex


West Dean house/college, sussex


Petwood, lincolnshire


High wall, Oxford,


Buscot park, Oxfordshire


Hartham Park,Wiltshire


Heale house, Wiltshire


Bridge House, surrey

Crichel house, Dorset

Wayford Manor house, Somerset


Burton Pynsent house, somerset


Ilnacullian, County cork, ireland


Isola Bella, cannes france

Sylvia, Maryland and rosemary, Cap ferret Cannes france


Peto was very much about design elements in his gardens, for example: at Iford in the loggia area which is now the ticket entrance to the garden lies a wheel of stone in the ground, in the centre of that stone is a square, "Petos' Kodak moment" stated by Mr John, the Previous owner and tour guide.  "Stand on this square and you can see and capture in your minds eye the loggia to the right, straight ahead is the great stairway up to the garden and to the right the roman half circle pond, the wheel represents the iris of the lens, he wanted you to keep in your minds eye the images of the 3 things, a representation of photography"