Week 3 Constructed Realities

The taxidermist technique of stuffing images, then photographing them with a painted background seemed to be a popular way of depicting nature. These image by Klaus Pichler from the natural history museum in Vienna require a second look, a constructed reality of modern interiors with taxidermist wild animals.

In my practice my image is a constructed reality due to the multi image process, taking single images and blending them into one. Creating another type of environment than the one i see before me. Part of this image you instantly recognisable as a historic setting from the Italian style pillar, yet also you view the bare branches of trees indicating a winter scene, yet, it requires a second more closer look, as upon further consideration isn’t not recognisable as a normal reality but its familiar nonetheless.

6 copy.jpg

Nero coffee shop where i go for coffee and studying have images on the wall of traditional Italian lifestyle and culture, these images seem to be taken of people going about their daily business, a snap shot of daily Italian life, enjoy coffee, friends, laughing. Are they set up shots? I don’t know but they give the coffee drinkers in Nero a sense of joining in, being part of that Italian culture, 'We too are cosmopolitan in our coffee drinking and lifestyle’. It’s stating that we want our lifestyle to be like yours Yet, the style of the coffee house is very much the American version of the coffee house style not traditional Italian. A fusion of tradition style and cultures mixed in with modern day styling and consumer desires. As this coffee house balances two different styles so do i in my work, I balance the fact and fiction in my work by showing nature as a recognisable element, yet displayed in my work as another reality, making the viewer question the reality of what they gaze upon.