Week 5 Gazing at Photographs

My notes on this.

  • The ‘female’ other landscape
  • Ansel Adams-promotes an unspoilt hedonic view of an unspoilt western America.
  • “Urgent concerns of the environment, what we stand to lose.
  • Thought the male gaze?
  • Fenamine - Mother Nature , Mother earth
  • Virgin Landscape
  • It is mainly dominated by men in its exploration
  • wilderness, foreboding, dominate
  • Not really into the portrait aspect of photography

Being inconspicuous and at a distance, unaware of my presence, similar to how i am in the nature world, looking at fauna and flora, at a distance but some time close up, not interfering with it. My gaze is to find out the hidden details in the land. The hidden patterns, details, tone, shapes or a scene which will engage the viewer to question the image further. I trap the land for others to see and experience it from their gaze. The world which i trap in my frame will never be the same again yet, it is free to move on to its next stage in its life cycle.

I like being in the land as it calms me down, rests my mind and simulates at the same time. I’m intrigued by what i see in front of me. I get so engaged within my surroundings that all other thoughts and worries are forgotten and left behind. A mindful therapy for me and a documentation of the natural world for others to view.

I’m at my most peaceful when walking the land, observing and creating photographic reproduction of that walk.

Looking at my WIP you can see the walk taking shape within the multi layered images i’m making. The layers represent the stages of the walk but mixed together with in my creativity.

I’ve also recognised that i’ve strayed out of the marked area that is the apple orchard. I went for a walk into the Peto garden to talk to one of the gardens. A boundary crossed by a desire to cross it for human interaction.


Whilst there i took the image of the She Wolf. The back ground image was taken in the Orchard the Front image in the Garden. I don’t want to be penned into one area, my desire for freedom and to travel won’t allow it. So i’m going to expand the boundaries and walk where i want but revisiting the orchard to see how its getting on and changing throughout the year. 

The walk will be fluid and not set or staged in one place, i want an organic process of walking and observation.