Week 6 A sea of images

From last weeks wonder i become to realise and reflect that this cross over is similar to my life journey. I move around the country and abroad to find work. I moved away when i was 20 years old to work in a hotel on the coast in Torquay, Devon, and i've been on the move ever since. During this time i've documented this journey through different kinds of medium, mainly photography. I took my first picture when i was 7 at my first brownie camp.. Since then i have collections of images from my school trips, friends hanging out, holidays, school, the normal growing up lifestyle events. So i think i must have always liked to record my life. 

The journey I take through my paid employment allow me to venture into the landscape to conduct my study of that area. Moving myself into position slows a deeper exploration over a longer period of time. It usual starts from an-initial visit  on a holiday or day trips then a burning desire to constantly re visit the area. With a end product of me moving their. This journey I have learnt is best undertaken with a certain amount of trusting the universe to deliver. Allowing the flow to happen. If the desire is what I truely need then serendipity will occur, a path is formed and the plan will fall into place. I have forced situations in the passed born out of desperation, anxiously and depression and the force I push with breaks everything and then the path is not smooth. The path needs challenges and questions but not battles or illness. It’s the wrong path. This philosophy I use in my photography. The mourning over to the garden was serendipitous, I allowed the flow to take me.

This connection with the moving into the Peto garden reflects my moving and desire to record those moves around the land, my desire for pleasant places and my bordom.