Week 7 Responses and Responsibilities

My nikon camera has broke this week and is being sent off to repairs hopefully it won't be too long till it is returned in the meantime i will get the fuji out of retirement and do the bronica images i wanted to do to see the contrast in different style from film to digital. 

Having moved over into the Peto Garden it got me thinking about the place as a tourist destination. I was thinking about my images and style. I don't want them to be the typical tourist image that attraction use.

Current images being used by Iford. 

Ye wrote "that the most effective way to communicate the notion of a tourism experience at a destination is to provide visual cues that stimulate the imagination and connect with potential tourists in a personal way". The visitor is guided by the image portrait in the advertising of the place, depending on their own personal requirements that they seek out for an experience depends on whether the image will fit their requirements. Before visiting travel destinations potential visitors tend to seek communication cues to find whether the destinations fit their own tourism desire (Ye 2011). With this in mind i want to create images that step away from the tourism image and hope to create a new style of imagery that will still communicate the destination. The images above are depicting the place as seen, showing the viewer and also potential tourist/visitor what they will expect to see when visiting such place. The tourist want to know exactly what it's getting. Upon visiting the destination they will also photographically replicate the images they have already seen when choosing the destination. 

My images show the destination in a more abstract creative style, leaving the viewers imagination to work, they won't be sure as to what they will get upon visiting the destination so maybe they wouldn't work for tourism marketing purposes, but once visited and having experienced the place my images would suit souvenirs such as printed cards, cushions ,tea towels etc, the items sold in the gift shops of such tourist destinations.