Week 8 Speaking Photographically

I'm having a few camera issues, last week when my nikon broke and started using my other camera, the fuji worked but i can't find the card reader so one is being delivered shortly and the bronica multi images button has broke off so i can't use that either. Not doing to good with cameras at present but the nikon due back next week so i will be out shooting again. 

In the meantime i've been looking at the images so far by putting them on the wall like Steph suggested to get a better look at them. I'm finding they are getting a better narrative within them from the studying i'm doing. I'm going out now with the intent to make a image. I've noticed i don't take as many as i used to as i'm thinking more before i press the shutter. As the seasons change i'm focusing on the new growth from nature, if possible marrying that with the stone work within the garden. like this image below of new spring blossom with the roman sarcophagus of the second or third century AD.


The image shows the passing of life with the sarcophagus and new growth with the blossom, i don't think the image is particularly over interesting or engaging but for me and my learning outcomes it helping me work out how to develop narratives within the frame. I find that the images are very full, sometimes messy. I dont like this look so i'm going to look for simpler composition. 


Below are the image i did with the fuji S3Pro that i got out of retirement.