Week 9 Peer review presentation

I didn't do the oral presentation assignment, i didn't enjoy the process the first time and to be honest didn't want to address it again unless i have too. If i had my project a little more clearer in my mind then maybe i'd have attempted it but i'm still going through a new change in direction of the project and trying to figure it all out is hard enough, without adding the extra pressure of tackling a presentation too. I looked at a few of the other and they look interesting and i can see why we are asked to do it as the process would help firm the project with time to address it and change things before hand in dates. I will try and do assignments in the future wether marked or not as i can see the reason for it now.. I had my first webinar with my tutor Paul this week. He went through the other students presentations and even though i didn't do one i can still take away the advice given to those that did.


This weeks shoot. I spent time in the main Italian Peto Garden.

Here are the multi image shots i made from the single images above.