Spring Break

Hand in has been and gone and marks have been handed back, mine were better than expected which is always good to hear. Good constructive criticism and they picked up on the points which i new were lacking too. 

I've been looking at the teasers we have had for next term and we've had a little project to do. We've been given Ed Rusha to look over. Who is Ed Rusha?

we've been given one of his project to interpret. My mind went straight to the 9 swimming pool and a broken glass series. I've taken photos of swimming pools on my travels, i am a avid swimming for fitness and pleasure myself and have a great love of swimming pools, full or empty. A disused swimming pool is such a tragedy to me. A whole in the ground which is an empty space but once filled with water it takes on a new life, an body of energy which can be beautifully reflective when asleep and calm and energising active when disturbed by mass. My local pool which was destroyed a  few years back was a 50m pool with diving boards and flume. When i use to swim there i used to imagine a killer whale being able to get through the grates at the bottom and into the dark depths of the deep end and it was deep as there was a high diving board. the whale was able to enter the tunnel from the shore line as you see the waste pipes there and swim inland through the tunnel till he got to a pool. I had a very creative imagination. it still never stopped me swimming. I always wanted to see this massive pool empty and watch it fill back up again. I've always taken pictures of swimming pools, as I travel around with my work and photography one of the first and important things I do is search for the nearest pool. I've been very lucky to work in a lot of hotels which have pools. Look at the swimming pool section for images. I made a small book for this project, i made it on photo box an online photo printing service which is mainly for commercial use not professionals but for this project it suited my budget and gives me the idea. I'll take pictures of the book and put on the swimming pool section. I enjoyed making the book and seeing it when it arrived, straight away i saw a few mistakes so if i was doing it professionally i no it would need proofing first.