Presentation idea

I've been thinking about how to present the final project. I've printed image onto canvas before and played about with sewing fabric onto the image to incorporate it within the landscape. The idea worked but the application not so much, it was very hard to sew and manipulate the fabric onto the hard canvas. I will need to research for a softer more malleable canvas that still give a good finish to the original image.

I have also been thinking about using the wool that comes from the Herdwick sheep on this farm i'm living and working. I spoke to the people who live here and they said they send it of to big wool manufactureres who buy it of them in huge amounts, the wool is a course wool from the Herdwicks so its used for rugs and carpets mainly not spun into wool for clothes so it could be used for felting, which is a craft technique used to make items out of wool. I have tried this process before on a craft course so i'm familiar with the process and i think i would be able to use it and felt onto a printed image. I would use this technique in the images from here not all of the image in final majorproject.

about.html This artist Andrea-Graham uses wool to make felt items. Hers are 3D where i will be attaching mine to the photograph. Her felt piece with rocks reminded me of the landscape here, it's very rocky in the valley plateau where the water runs down the valley and i've had a idea for an image of the mountain and the rocky beks. A Bed is a small running body of water.

I could use this kind of style within the image i create adding another layer and texture to the photography. I have been thinking on this and the process involved in making these pieces will require me to have some space to do it. So i will need to think of logistics and space in making these piece aswell as the costs involved.