views of the landscape

I was driving back through the fells and an image caught my attention. Using the ridge on the top of the fell and the next layer below of the woodland and the blue sky as one image with a contrasting one to fill in the space of the sky, having the ridge and trees at the bottom of the image. I will go out and shoot and see what happens. I didn't have an idea of the contrasting image. Also to shoot the lines made by the traditional stone walls. When looking over the fells you see all these walls in lovely patterns, some fully filled but you can see some that are broken and fallen away. I asked Andrew the farmer what they where for, to keep the sheep in? I was curious as some of these walls are way up high on very steep inclines and it must be a very hard job to firstly put up a wall and secondly to manage it. Original all the land around here was taxed unless it had a boundary then the land farmer was only taxed for the land he had. So the landowners would get prisoners or slaves to construct these walls. No man in his right mind would volunteer to have that as a job. So the walls are property boundaries swell as walls to keep sheep in, even tho the sheep can probably jump them as herd wicks are good jumpers as they are have to jump over a lot of boulders so they have adapted to be a very jumpy sheep unlike the other sheep variety who live on the flats so have no need to jump over things.