Week 10

My work is about the connection and direct response I have to the nature world. I study it scientifically and meditate within it. Slowing down physically and mentally enables better observation my sight, sound and smell become more detailed, a sensory absorption into the environment.
I want people viewing my images to connect and gain a better understanding and interest in the natural world.

Understanding the natural world is understanding evolution in oneself.

As photographers we instinctively react to the moment. A fleeting moment in time that can’t be replicated or re worked. Nature photography encompasses this perfectly with nature changing seasonally and evolving within itself.
I’m experimenting with double exposure which i feel create a sense of layers within the image replicating the layers within the landscape.
Double exposure is allowing me to take different parts of nature together to make up one image. I can take a close up image of the fruit then another part of the tree from where it comes from. The most prominent fauna or flora within the landscape will catch my eye and be photographed. It’s the survival of the fittest, displaying of the most colourful and beautiful, the endurance throughout the season of the most strongest will ensure its success in the final selection of what i choose to photograph.
Showing them to the wider audience in the hope to inspire their own connection and response to the natural world around us.




Posted on February 1, 2018