Week 11

Week 11 Positions and practice. Introducing Proposal & Audience

This week we looked at proposal and who is our audience?

I’ve had a little experience in writing proposals but this was a long time ago, so this weeks topic is very much needed to remind me about proposal writing.

Writing proposals help to concrete the work which i’m about to undertake, enabling me to seriously think about what my intentions are and to whom i want to show the work to, the time frame of the project and outlining the costs as best as i can.

By re addressing and re writing the proposal over periods of the course will keep me focused by helping me reflect on the previous proposal and then up dating the current one. I know myself that keeping focus is very important as i can tend to go of piste and go to broad in my projects, this will help to keep me in line with what i’m doing.

I’ve learnt over the years to read, re read and read again briefs and assignments, as i have missed vital bits of information by rushing. I highlight key points and areas and answers those points as best i can. Giving myself plenty of time to let the work settle then go over it again and again, checking a few times that you have answered the briefs areas you’ve highlighted.