Week 4

Time waits for noone final

Collaboration week 4

Week 4 is all about collaboration and i’m interested in this side of photography. I’m a very sociable and interactive person, i’ve always worked part of a team in my previous professional roles. As photography is predominately a singular activity i do find it lonely at times, yet, i also enjoy the freedom photography and being alone brings., and it’s best to go it alone when out in the field as it can be long days and unless your into nature and photography in a big way i’ve found companions get bored.

I have worked collaboratively before with a marine biologist in Cornwall after i completed my degree.
We worked with a primary school as part of their school curriculum based work. The theme was ‘Coastal aspirations’. We worked on marine surveys of a coastal environment and looked at coastal erosion. Environmental waste and participated in a beach clean calculating the finding to see where the waste was coming from and we did a bio blast. I taught them how to use photography to record their findings, help demonstrate their work and generally how to create better images. We also worked along side a drama coach who played out coastal life stories and experiences. I really enjoyed this project. During university we also engaged with another local primary school and created nature watch programs.

I haven’t worked with other designers who use other mediums but as a textile artist and painter i would like to work with other artist in the future, especially textile work as I have created my own pieces and will be going back to this at a later date when i have completed my degree, or i might incorporate it into my work, you never know.

I’ve enjoyed the collaboration this week, they were good gentlemen to work with, we all put an idea in the box but formulated one out of a majority vote. Craig did all the editing work, this just happened. I think he must enjoy this side and probably had more of an ideas of how to make an image. I don’t so i was more than happy to give it over to someone else. He also took the idea and put more of his own personal thought about the project /style to the end production of the image. I didn’t mind this as someone had to do it, and it was in keeping with the brief, it was his input into the group and it was approved by all. I contributed my image and that was my work done.

I’ve worked with other photographers producing exhibitions in the past and from that experience i’ve found everyone has a role to fill, sometimes they fall in happily, sometimes not so well. We were lucky this time, we took up positions easily. I like the end product as it was a image which was made rather, than my usually approach which is a quick reaction to a long wait in the natural world. I can’t make an images up in the natural world as i want it to depict wild behaviour. So this thinking about a image and what we wanted to say in the image was a new way of thinking for me. I learned from my peers. The image resembled a ‘Still life’ piece of work which is not something i do. So happy and learnt something new from being part of this collective collaboration.