Week 6

I wasn’t able to make my presentation due to work commitments but heres my presentation.

I found this hard to do as i’m still gathering my thoughts on my work, the topics we are covering are making me work hard reflecting about my work. I have a slow processing ability too which makes it longer to get threw, but i’m getting there. Everyone seems to have clear ideas of projects and work and i don’t. I’ve always had to many ideas in my head and find it hard to process them and stick to one.

presentation pdf

I hope that link works, i’m still working my way around this site too.

I haven’t been out taking many photos as i didn’t know what on as i haven’t composed a project yet, but i thought i need to get out and do some shooting, so i thought just do what you usually do, so i did.

I visited a couple of tourist areas last weekend with some friends, i thought about how i did this a lot usually on my own. We visited Cheddar Gorge, Watchet, Berrow sands and Weston Super Mare. So i got my camera out, dslr and iPhone and started. I found i look for natural history in amongst the tourism of the seaside town, there were a lot of things i saw that i didn’t shoot as i was with friends this tends to hinder progress. Going out on my own allows me the freedom to sit and wait and wait and wait. If i like a location then i can absorb myself in it, when i’m with others not so much as they aren’t experiencing it the way i am, or their for the same reason.

I’ve put together a un edited contact sheets of my images, i didn’t take many.  Thought it was about time i started putting image up some where, i am doing a photography degree after all.







Posted on November 5, 2017