Week 7

I partnered up with Nigel Ready. This is his brief to me.

Looking at your CRJ, I am very taken with your abstract images — e.g., boat in motion, leaf patterns etc. How about an abstract image combining water and autumnal colours. The image should perhaps be impressionistic rather than purely representational (if that makes sense)!

Since having the brief i’ve been doing my usual approach to my photography of looking around the landscape, looking for a body of water which had a tree near by it to reflect the autumn colours. In a orchard nearby, there’s a pond but not a autumn reflection. I noticed next to the pond on the floor a carpet of leaves from the tree. As the reflection in the pond didn’t incorporate the autumn leaves I got thinking about how i can combine the two, so close, but yet so far away from the image i need. I want to merge the two, double exposure came to mind.
I looked on my camera for the function in the menu and couldn’t work it out so took some pictures anyway, thinking i’ll have to adapt the brief due to circumstances, or maybe i can photoshop them together. I’m about as good in photoshop as i am in the menu workings of my camera.
I liked one image from that day, so thought i’d go back out to the same spot and continue with developing more from this area. I know from experience of shooting a lot of water that, with water every day can bring a different look. The wind, cloud cover, temperature and other objects falling into the water can make ripples in the water, creating different patterns which are forever changing. I thought I can explore a little more, expand on the shoot form previous.
My mind again went back to double exposure, i had the two elements there, the water and the autumn leaves and i know photography can do double exposure. So just needed to dig deeper, get thinking, look harder, work it out. So i looked on camera function and found multi image function, had a play and hey presto, double exposure. I took the leaf carpet and water image then moved onto other subjects. This got me really excited, i haven’t had that feeling from photography for a long while.
It made me think about how I can incorporate this style of image making into my major project. I liked the idea of taking two elements and placing them together to show the natural world.
For example: The apple on a tree and then the tree itself, or one fruit bush in nature next to the other bush, duos in natures.
I like the creative aspect this style of photography offers, different from my usual documentary style approach i do in the natural world. This is a more an aesthetic fine art approach to my natural history photography.
This can be done in the tourism location i go to and produced them on the postcard as discussed in my project proposal.

So this weeks project from my peer has been extremely helpful to me, it guided me into an area that i may not have discovered. This brings to mind my travels i undertake on my own, i try to follow the flow of life and the serendipity of life’s flow, to guide me to areas that i may not others wise venture into if not letting myself be open to other ideas. Sometimes what we don’t always want to do, know and learn about can actually direct us to another outcome which can actually be to our liking.

This image was took in Betws- y-Coed last year, it came to mind when Nigel set the brief.

Below are a few images from the first double exposure shoot i did.