Week 1 Stratagies of looking

As part of an introduction into Mod 3 Surfaces and stratagies Gary gave us Ed Ruscha to research.  

I enjoyed  looking into Ed Ruscha, he's a cool guy. I was immediately drawn to the book 9 swimming pools and a broken glass. I've had a fascination with swimming pools from an early age, from learning to swim, having a fear of a whale in the deep end of my local baths to just being near a body of water for exercise, pleasure, meditation, relaxation and fun. When i saw his book i new i would be able to create one of my own as i have taken photos of swimming pools for a very long time. These images consist of holidays, and from places i've lived and worked in hospitality;ity or my work for private clients. I seem to be have worked at a lot of places with swimming pools in them, probably because i look for work with leisure facilities in them so i can use it as part of the work package, i previously used film usually in disposable cameras or underwater cameras and more recent digital.

I looked into ebook publishing and it was a bit of a mind field,  so i went for a quick option i have used before which was photobox, it's an online main stream printers which is easy to use to do one off prints so i printed a small book.

I'm pleased with the outcome, i would edit a few images out now seeing it after printing. 

The Swimming pool and skateboarders is a nod to the American 70's skateboarders and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers who used to use empty disused swimming pools as skating bowls. here's a selection of images i put together for the swimming pool collection, i knew i had some images from an outdoor pool that i really liked but i couldn't find them anywhere until i had printed the book. 

This is the final book printed.

Heres the extra images i would have liked to have put in.

copy of my note book