Week 5 'Three surfaces'


Following on from thinking about the wool i've found a landscape artist who uses wool and felting to create landscapes,


Textile artist Tracey McCracken Palmer creates landscapes images using wool and the felting technique, her page gives a description of the technique involved. I think i will be able to add some of these technique to my work. 

In this weeks module we have been thinking about exhibiting and showing of our work. I haven't really had time to think about this so i will give it some thought today as i'm off from work, but my initial thoughts are arggghhh. I did speak to a local gallery as i was in the gallery having coffee when i read this weeks tasks and to hire the gallery our for a week is £200 giving you the whole space. I haven't the fiancées for that and i wouldn't have enough work to fill the walls and the cost involved in doing that, so this brings me onto thinking about doing an online exhibition as it would limited the costs. I will research into this a bit more. 

Having thought about and looking around at what is about the local area i've come to the decision that online will be most affordable and manageable within my current circumstances. The local pub where i work at night has a big turnover as it's the only Inn in the area.


I can put flyers on the tables with the menus, guiding them to the website for the exhibition. The flyer can have small thumbnail images and the date, web address and brief strap line of what it's about. I'll ask permission from the manager and i could do the same at the BnB, the gallery and a few other establishments around the local area. I'm not very clued up on online exhibiting so hopefully next weeks tutorials will give me more information about doing this.

I don't really understand the group exhibition so maybe i need to read through all that again and the workshop i don't think ill be able to do, with my work schedule and location. As my work involves tourism connection, i've been exploring the idea of making a series of cards/postcard to sell at the tourist places i work and around the local area. 

WIP Photography


Finished Multi layered images

Conversation with the family

They've been explaining the sheep to me, Herdwick sheep are the traditional variety that live on the Cumbria fells. More information can be found on this website below.



I tried to do some abstract water images at the shore edge but they didn't work out how i wanted. The water was to ruff for what i wanted. I'm usually drawn to water to create images but the land is so dominate here i think i'm pulled away to focus on the land.

Finished Multi images