Week 9 Production

This week in production week i've had a go at making a zine, if i get a bit of free time i might run a few up and leave around the bar and bnb. 

I really enjoyed making the zines, if i was nearer a town i would get some A3 size paper and make them a bit bigger, A3 would make the zine  postcard size. I could do that next module as i have a A3 printer at home. Above are two example of the Zines i made from A4 paper. Each one has 8 different images. I've put them out on tables at the bar and it has created dialogue amongst people which is great. People have been interested in the work i'm producing and they all it's different and interesting.

I went out on route and shot some in camera double exposure and ICM. This means instead of shooting single images and then combining them in the image layer setting the double exposure consists of two consecutive images shot next to each other and combined automatically in camera, so i have to think carefully about the two images taken. In the other process i shoot singular images then combine them, sometimes combined in situe on location so i can see how the image works or doesn't and take more images or as i keep the images on the sd card i can go back and create more images later on.

Here are the results of todays shoot. Down the pub using there internet and having a beer, i guess there's some benefits of having to go out to use the internet.


The pub internet has given up again, too many customers using the already slow satellite broadband so i'm off to the car park again. It's so frustrating.

I can see the use of ICM for creating a little blur which gives a more painterly impressionist effect, i like this style. I like the bek images below, the soft textured effect making a more impressionist images, where a photography has traditionally been known as recording an accurately view of the world, by using techniques such as multi exposure and ICM photographers can create creative styled images allowing the viewer to question and interpret the image, I don't think this impressionist style fits with the rest of the images i'm producing with this project, the blurred effect goes against the recognisable layered images but i will carry on experiment and i will definitely use it in my next project.

Finished double exposure done in camera

I'm enjoying and liking the effect this creates, I've been looking into different style of photography and the process of image making and in the book by David Ward "Landscape Beyond" A journey into photography has a few good points to make.

A ming vase can be well designed and well made

Copy of note book