Week 6 Exhibition guidance

Reflecting on this weeks topic of Exhibitions brings to mind an exhibition i was part of in Birmingham with Rhubarb-Rhubarb photographic festival. They were exhibiting and advertising the launch of Rhubarb farm an online exhibition gallery for photographers similar to  Landings 2018, for the advertising they used the for-sale billboards on the side of vacant offices and warehouses in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. They used the usually plain for-sale sign to showcase the images for sale on the site. 

The guest lecturer with Nhung Walsh was very informative and showed that exhibitions can be showed and created in many different formats for different audiences. 

I've thought of doing an exhibition using my photographs printed onto fabric and made into a textile art piece and hung outside to see the effects nature would have on the piece over time. As the work is based around nature, environment, place and time putting the final pieces back into nature seems like the circle of nature. This project would need a lot of thought and health and safety would be involved if hung at a tourist attraction. Just an idea to think about for major project.

WIP Photography


Multi Images from above shoot


Multi Layered image from this shoot

Looking at my images i'm starting to see how i'm challenging the notion of what the landscape is? This is my interpretation of the land i see around me. As i go about this valley and surrounding areas the shops and galleries are mainly full of the traditional landscape which i view as the tourist image.

With my images i'm mixing up the landscape i see to create another unfamiliar landscape. Some image still have some recognition within them and some are abstract in their design, familiar yet unfamiliar. My strategy is to look for images that don't replicate the traditional landscape but to seek out the detail and patterns within the land. Within the landscape lines, shapes and patterns are formed either naturally or man made. A quote which is used a lot around here, is 'A living, working, landscape' mans impact is evident even in the remotest or barren vistas from the worn paths up to the summits to the fell walls to show farm boundaries.


Strategies for shooting

Up until now i've been shooting with a telephoto lens enabling me to get into the landscape and extract the detail of the land, i'm going to change and put a wide angle lens on and shoot wide vistas. As i keep the images on the sd card i'm hoping to mix the image from the when i arrived and started shooting to now.  As the weather changes quiet dramatically here i want to explore the different images i can get by using the changing elements together with the different lenses. To see what images come out.

Landings 2018 and exhibition

I was bit late but i managed to get my work into for landings, i looked into getting a new site just for the exhibition but it would cost again and i can't afford it so i've decided to use the CRJ platform to showcase the work. I'll set a separate page and the main page as the exhibition page so when directed to the CRJ its whats seen first. There are images already on from the past two modules but i'll change them once i get some final images form this module. 


Copy of note book