Week 11, Production 3


This week i've been mainly concentrating on the final production of the projects, updating and cleaning up my CRJ, still working on the WIP, looking at the images and seeing if any more can be made form the image that i already had. The lake was stiller one day on my journey out to internet land, so i stopped of and did so more double exposure ICM.  

I like the last image with the subtle water effect at the bottom and the landscape slowly coming through the clouds at the top of the image. It doesn't really fit that well with some of the other images in style but it's still in concept of familiar yet unfamiliar. 

I'll put the card back in the camera and add these double exposure image with another image, multi layering and see if anything happens. I'm learning to work with the images and learning how to put them together, what will work and what won't, every now and then just a random ' lets see what happens with this image' works well.

I looked at the images and tried to make images that would have a strong line within them. These images work well and create a sense of landscape upon immediate gaze but require further exploration and inquiry  as the image doesn't seem to be the landscape that we are told to perceive. 

In conclusion i've enjoyed this module and project, the project born out of necessity, the journey exposed to me without realising it was happening, i'm glad it has as i've enjoyed it for the most part, at times it has become very tedious, and tiring. The thought of another drive out to upload images would sink my shoulders at times but the journey would soon pick me up and make it all worthwhile and it would remind me that i'll soon be driving another route, one thats not so sublime. The landscape would be different overtime which kept the interest peeked and inspired. 

I take another journey next Friday back to the Midlands and home. Which i'm really looking forward to, feels like i've been away for too long, missing friends and family and familiar setting. Until then i'll keep doing the journey to get the internet till the modules complete. I'm planning on handing in next Wednesday two days early as i'm travelling home on hand in date the 24th, great timing there... and with the internet issues i've had i want to have a days grace incase things don't load properly and i have a day to fix. I like to be a bit forward planning just in case.