Week 10 Hand in production

I've been looking at my images and noticed that there's a light and dark connection appearing in the styles. This reflects the beautiful surroundings instantly visible to the eye upon visiting here, but underneath the beauty hides a sinister environment, one of death and tragedy.  


This awareness has been highlighted by the collaborative conversations i have with the local people who live and work here, the story being told of the land, they are only too aware of the tragedy. 

The tourist images portrays the splendid beauty in all its glory for people to admire and aspire too. Images like this are found everywhere within the Lake District, on advertising in brochures, flyers, websites, travel agents and also on memorabilia , postcards, momentous to be purchased and taken home as a validation that i was once there. These images only portray the beauty at a certain moment one that is very fleeting, yet this is sold as what you will see when you come here, but the Lake district is full of bodies of water for a reason, it rains a lot. It does not look like this very often. 

I'm not taking any image for over a week as i'm concentrating on the publication, exhibition and general hand in work. There are a few images in mind that if conditions are right then i will grab camera and venture out but i need to focus on the other things, i think i have enough images to be working on for my WIP.

I made a postcard to leave at the pub and BnB for advertising the exhibition and to be used. Being a tourist destination i thought it was a good way to advertise my work. Postcards are a fading tradition and as i'm in the tourist industry i thought it appropriate to use a postcard to send the message out. 


Copy of note book