Week 12, Hand in week

These past two weeks have been about finalising everything for the Oral Presentation, WIP and finalising on this CRJ.

I’ve managed this time to work out how to record the voice over to the presentation easier, it was such a hassle last time, it made me not want to do it again this time. It wasn’t the content that i struggle with but the presentation itself, but i worked out how to do it easier, so not daunted by them anymore.. That is such a relief.

I’ve managed to work out the final 18 image for the WIP. below are the images.

Week 11, Art and Commerce

This week i was reading an article from outdoor photography, it was about taking stunning landscape image. I have to admit that the title didn't draw me in, as i know reading these articles and following their tips won’t create stunning landscape images. Time, patience, learnt experiences and a creative insight is needed but i guess their aiming at the amateur. Thats sound quiet pretentious, i guess it’s a statement coming from someone who learnt how to take images from magazines so i’m not under estimating their need, i guess i’ve just moved forward as i’ve been there, but i do have to say that outdoor photography is the only magazine i buy in the amateur mag realm. It can still hold my attention. I brought this mag as it had ICM in it. Part of the Stunning landscape article included ICM (Intentional Camera Movement ). The article did state that Medium format does suit abstract images. If i had my medium format Bronica working i would have used it for this project as i love for medium format style, and as i shoot from the hip with it i feel it shows the world from another level. This format suits fine art images which i think abstract fall into. So with this in mind i’ve converted all the images to square format and i think it was the right decision as yeah they have a more finer feel now. It suits them more.

From this selection i’m going to choose my 18 WIP image. As Gary suggested lsat time i’ll use a white background as it shows them off better. I don’t know why i choose a black as i never usually use black.

And they will be single images this time compared to the diptych style i did last time.

It’s going to be hard to select my WIP as i like most of these images but i have to think which work best together and explain what i’ve been doing during this project. I know instantly some of my favourites won’t be in the final selection due to being impressionistic in style not abstract enough. Like these for instant.

I really like these images, the impressionist style yet still slightly abstract but i don’t have enough to produce a body of work with them.

After reading about the mindful photography in Suler’s work it straight away brought to mind a book i read a while ago written by a good friend of mine, Manifesting your magnifiicene, The Energetics of Being by J, Walmsley. She lives in one of the house on the Estate at Iford Manor where i took my first house keeping role. It links to the work i produce with the images. It’s all connected.


This weeks guest talk was with Felicity McCAbe, i found the talk very interesting in the way she approachers her work and the idea that it’s all link resinates with me. Another light bulb moment where i thought yeah i guess my works like that, when i reflect back and look at the work i’ve produced whether it’s painting or photography it’s all has a link to it. Isn’t everybody’s work like that though? like McCabe say, “it’s all from the same brain, so its routes, not projects.”

Week 9 who's buys Photography part two

I was over my friends house who lives opposite a river and saw lots of photo ops. I could see the reflections and lines that the trees were making would make a good subject matter

I experimented with turning my camera upside down, i did this because in post production i sometimes turn the image upside down. I wanted to see the effect of turning the camera itself upside down to see if it would make any difference.

No it didn’t really make much difference it was just arc ward trying to hold a heavy large camera the wrong way.

See above not much difference so i won’t be doing that again.

I was reading Outdoors Photography magazine and there was an article on creating stunning landscapes but it was more the ICM process which i use that caught my eye. Holliman wrote “The square format can be hard to work with compositionally , but it can give an image an instant “fine Art” feel, so don’t be afraid to experiment. I’ve always loved medium format and if my Bronica wasn’t broken i would be using that in my projects. So i’m going to crop to square format with this project as i think it will suit the abstract style of image.

Week 8 Who buys photography? Part 1

I have watched a webinar by Doug Chinnery, it was from ON Landscape Magazine which i subscribe too,


The link above is where you can view the webinar on ICM.

He resinates with me with the process of creating images that are not on conventional in terms of traditional landscape photographs. In the lecture he shows how he uses different cameras and the iPhone being one, he uses apps which create the icm effect. With this news i get very excited as now i can go back into the kitchen where the iPhone works best and create things how i see them and get creative. The industrial kitchen environment is a great place for explore landscape. Landscapes in a kitchen, well its part of the land environment and the surfaces are to me like mini landscapes. Always changing like the outside land. Marks swept away by the chefs or KP’s (kitchen porters)never there long and you can never make the mark or mess again as it’s a substring of the creative food process.

I haven’t taken any more images but above are a few more from what i already have. Multi layering images can produce images when you think you have exhausted all the possibilities. You just need to look a little different at the images and find something different in them.

I haven’t been inspired to get the camera out this week but i’ve been watching more you tube videos.


I’m going to start my Oral presentation this week as it takes mean age to do.

I haven’t enjoyed this module, the module content and what i choose to study. It’s concerning me going forward to FMP. I don’t want to make a wrong choice as i can only do this once. I’m feeling a bit lost and unsure of things presently.

Week 7 The Current Commercial Environment

I’m going to my day job this week to take some images, trying find some abstraction in the kitchen environment, whilst i’m there the boss as me to take some images. I know they won’t pay me for them. This is the usual problem photographers have. They do all there social media and advertising with their phones. I said i’d do it for 10p. Yes, it made us laugh to. Obviously i wouldn’t do this normally for anybody else. I’m only doing it as i asked for permission to come in on my day off to do some work for uni, i guess it’s favour for favour.

So i’ve been commissioned this week to take a series of images from the kitchen, the kitchen i work in is an open kitchen and i’m guessing the boss wants to show the goings on inside the kitchen in a bit more detail, she’s seen a few of my images on instagram and said she liked to use a few on the work post, not all of themas some didn’t fit for marketing /advertising purposes, for e.g., one i took of the dishwasher, not the best to advertise a restaurant with but good for me documenting life as a chef.

i’ll post on here later.

Back to my project, i’ve been taking some images on my phone in the kitchen when i see marks made on the surfaces. I’ve always found an industrial kitchen a good place for image making especially abstraction as it’s a very textured environment.

I have explored this before.

Below are some old picture showing examples of abstract work i’ve done in a kitchen previously

I haven’t worked in a industrial kitchen for many years as i changed careers, but as i’m back in i’m seeing all the images come out of the environment again. I’m cooking up a image.

I took these images for my work this week and they are using them for their social media advertising campaign and for their new website which is being developed. They are tagging me into the posts. So this week my work is being seen by a lot of people which is great. This shoot took about 20 minutes to do. They aren’t the best images but as i’m not getting paid properly only the 10p which we agreed i didn’t want to spend hours of my free time for nothing. I was also looking for my own work within this shoot but i didn’t find much, only a one image has come out of it, this one below. I think i was using the wrong lens so i will go back with the other lens. My iPhone camera always seems best in the kitchen. but i can’t do ICM with it or double exposure.

Researching into what abstraction is, Leman states that, ‘abstraction is a very diverse category of images made using an assortment of techniques, and with equally varied intentions, but which have in common the avoidance of symbolic representation. 'Abstract photography rejects the idea that something identifiable must be depicted. To achieve this, an abstract photograph may emphasise the internal structures of the image, visualise the invisible, or manifest pure visuality.

I see this as we as creatives who choose to use photography as their choice of medium see things out there in the environment before them that the none creatives doesn’t see. I feel this myself as i gaze into the foreground before me. To see the details within the view i usually need to go into a meditative state, it’s been known that i’ve gone into a trance like state, a dream world that only i see. I could be standing next to another photographer but we will see a different view. We all have a different creative platform. Thats why i like the layers i use in the images as it represented how i see the world before me, i have layers i go into to see more detail and different to what i first instantly seen.

Week 6 Oral Presentation

Part of the strategy in this project is to go to different landscapes and use the different textures within that landscape to get different abstract images. Using the same landscape i found delivers the same looking images, trees create a lot of lines, water rounder or wiggly lines. So the aim is to have a body of work which is a collection of abstract images from different landscapes. So this week i went on a road trip down south west to Somerset to Weston super mare where i walked around looking for texture, lines and things which i could form into abstraction.


I was looking for bold features or colours to use a blocks of colour using the ICM to make a sweep across the image. Here are a few post production images from this shoot.

Finished Multi layered and ICM images


A few days later i went back and noticed some water reflections which work well with abstraction, i multi layered to get a contrast image in, merge it with an image that has lines in it.

I’m looking out in the landscape to find pockets of art, its all around but i think unless your into that creative mind frame you won’t see anything out there. I have a painting background and i always look out into the world with a frame in mind, my eyes going to pockets of reality and pull out a moment in time thats only visible for that moment in my vision, its unique to me and my creativity.

I can see when looking into the world the images coming out and showing themselves to me.

Week 5 Stronger Together

This weeks topic is networking and collaboration. We had a project to meet someone new and take some images from that conversation. I haven’t done the project but i did have some networking going on behind the scenes with out me trying over the past few weeks.

I’ve been looking for my next hk role and i went for an interview with a couple in Wiltshire. We had a great conversation mainly about other things than the actually job itself. They asked about myself and what i was doing my interests etc so i told them about my photography practice and MA degree. They were very interested in this along with my chef background. Well, i didn’t get the position and he said his PA would be in touch, but instead i had a phone call from him saying that they really enjoyed our conversation and meeting with me and even though they choose someone else, a local lady for the position they would like to keep in touch and maybe in the future there might be work opportunities, from the conversation i had i’m guessing it was more along the lines for cooking workshops at their large property they hire out in Cornwall, but thats ok as workshops, whether cooking or photography is a future plan of mine. We ended the conversation on good terms with what might or mayn’t amount to anything but it goes to show that things come out of the strangest meetings. The man i met was Jon Connell the author of Connells guides https://www.connellguides.com he write small guides on essays and literature.

I went to he coast to have a contrast of landscapes to work with instead of countryside as i found i was getting a little bored and nothing inspiring. Plus i needed a sea fix, i’ve lived most my adult life by the sea and i find i need to be near it and smell the sea, look out to the horizon line with a big open view infant of me. This process helps clear the mind. The big open space allows free thought process. I always find it amazing how different locations emote a different feeling and bring out different senses. At lot of my work relates to my state of mind and what i need personally. I guess it’s a guiding force in my work as i do it for self not for others or monetary value.

Above are the post production images from the shoot. Whilst out i was looking for bright colours in the environment but also just going where i wanted, and with water areas i usually find that if i go into a meditative state i start to see more patterns, shapes come out from the landscape. I think is what happens when you have a relaxed none thinking state of mind. What is known as Mindfullness, You are in the mind but the mind is clear of thought.

The different environment did bring out different shapes, patterns which is what i hoped for in contrast the countryside images.

Week 4 Show and tell

I’ve done the usual, i’ve gone out to shoot and my batteries dead, how many times do i do this school girl error. Never mind, i’ll research instead whilst the batteries charging and i’ll go out later this afternoon, might get some lovely evening light on the autumn leaves later on too as its sunny day.

I’m currently researching into abstract photography.

Came across Ernst Haas, Ernst Haas (1921–1986) is acclaimed as one of the most celebrated and influential photographers of the 20th century and considered one of the pioneers of color photography. Haas was born in Vienna in 1921, and took up photography after the war. Looking at his abstract work on his website brings about mixed feelings, i like some of his work using the bold colours but some i find aren’t abstract enough as i can tell what they are or there about, it doesn’t leave me totally unknown which is what i believe abstraction to be, for example.

These two above i can tell the first one is some kind of wooden structure for a building, roof perhaps, but i know it’s a wooden structure, and the second is clearly a sign advertising Winston and radio, yes the full picture doesn’t expose everything and your kept guessing as to what but you can still recognise the letters creating words, these were in his abstract gallery.

Yet here the first two were in his abstract gallery and in my view are abstract, i can’t work out what they are yet i like looking at them. The third image is from the flora gallery but i can’t tell its a flower or plant, its abstract to me. So obviously theres confusion to what is absraction?

I’ve been a bit manic this week with work but i managed to get out for a few quick shoots. I’m experimenting with icm and multi layered imaging to create abstract imagery. Just from a few shoots i’m began to realise that the icm movement creates line effect images and the zoom effect creates a zoom burst effect. You can create different colours but i’m feeling that the overall effect is the same just different colours. I want to get shapes, patterns, texture into the images not just lines and burst. So i’m thinking on the technical aspect of how to get this using the camera, or looking at things around me which will create a different look.

Below are some of the above finished images processed in photoshop, these are single images using ICM, some i like more than others, but as i said above, i’m noticing that they seem to be all lined images so far, which is ok but i don’t want a whole WIP set of images with lines in it, that to me isn’t a good example of variety in abstraction. I’m going to go back to the camera and do some in camera multi layered images and try and get some images which have more shapes in them not just lines.

Here are the other images i’ve multi layered in camera settings and then processed in photoshop.

These images show a similarity to paintings i used to do when i painted.

So my methodology in what i look for hasn’t changed must over the years and i’m draw to finding these styles. Whether i paint or take photographs.

Week 3, The digital new possibilities

Abstract and impressionistic photography.

I’ve decided this is my project going forward for this module. I was struggling a bit up util now as i had a lot going on in my personal life which was confusing my choice in my photography. It is now obvious that my photography practice and my life in general are very much connected, Physically and mentally. If i have an issue in my life it reflects onto my work. I wonder how many other practitioners have this in their life?

This weeks topic up for debate and development is social media and how it is used and or effects us as photographers. This area to me is a mind field, i don’t like it or more to the point i don’t like putting myself out their to be liked or not liked, i find it all a bit of a mental midfield, something which i’m working through. I know i have to embrace it more and i’m finding a way to do that.

I’ve just posted on fb about my instagram account to generate more followers, but the project we were given i’m confused about, i don’t really get it. I think i need to re read a few more times to get the gist of it all. 

After re reading the assignment again i’ve decided not to do it. Most of the assignments i don’t do. I do think about it to see if the benefits will be worth the output. This project

Week 2, You are a business


Looking at some of these images are making me cringe, the quality is very bad. The ICM makes them look like camera shake of a novices, it’s making me laugh with embarrassment, but i guess thats the hole idea to get them to blurr, but whilst i work out the amount of ICM i require the process is alittle disconcerting. It makes me feel like i should go out and capture perfectly sharp landscape images, which i know is nonsense but its interesting to think about my initial reaction to the process, its going against everything i’ve learnt and read about to do with photography. It’s always about getting it sharp and in focus and here i am now purposely making it blurred and out of focus. It’s actually harder than i thought it would be, in camera to getting the desired look i’m after in my mind and mentally challenging to challenge my pre conceived ideas about the image production. If people viewed my work who didn’t know what i’m trying to achieve and experiment with they would think i’m not a very good photographer. I guess this is the trauma i’m experiencing, the thought that people will judge my work as amateur and not very good. 

My first shoot back from summer break. I’ve been struggling to think of what i wanted to focus on so after my webinar with Krishna i just went out and shot like she said to, here’s the image below. I’m continuing on from last modules multi layered images in the landscape. I’m experimenting this module with ICM and multi layers and double exposure. I’ve never done ICM before so it’s all new to me and harder than i thought. I can see in my minds eye image that i would like to create. As autumn approaches and i view the landscape i see all the colour appearing and changing daily. All the lovely autumnal colours i think would make great painterly effects as if a paintbrush covered with autumn colours has been swiped along the canvas. Thats what i see and what to create, much harder than i expected it to be. The f stop and shutter speed needs adjusting all the time to create different effects and the amount of speed and movement is important i’m finding. In the past i’ve created some interesting abstract images from mistakes from wrong setting and had a lovely surprise image, but when i’m trying to actually create that image on purpose its very difficult.

Here below are the final icm images from this shoot, some i’m finding interesting more than others. I like the really bright green and black abstract image and the yellow and blue one which you can tell still resemble trees. I trying to work out whether i want the image to be totally abstract or impressionistic of the place. At the moment i’ll just keep taking and exploring and see what happens.


The second shoot this week was contrasted to yesterday, blue sky are grey today, which has put me in a grey mood. I was in a mood today, feeling a bit sorry for myself and i didn’t want to go out and do anything, but i forced myself as i knew getting outside and the fresh air with walking in nature would help, if nothing else its a great place to let it all go into, This is why i love being outdoors so much, it lifts my spirits. So with a heavy heart and full mind i go out mainly for walking purposes but with my camera on my back. If i feel the urge to capture something then i will but i won’t force it. I’ll just go to make me feel better, thats more important than getting the image. As i walked around the lake as always it draws me into its world and i’m thinking of it not me. I love watching the wildlife on the lake, as this time of yea