Week 4 Show and tell

I’ve done the usual, i’ve gone out to shoot and my batteries dead, how many times do i do this school girl error. Never mind, i’ll research instead whilst the batteries charging and i’ll go out later this afternoon, might get some lovely evening light on the autumn leaves later on too as its sunny day.

I’m currently researching into abstract photography.

Came across Ernst Haas, Ernst Haas (1921–1986) is acclaimed as one of the most celebrated and influential photographers of the 20th century and considered one of the pioneers of color photography. Haas was born in Vienna in 1921, and took up photography after the war. Looking at his abstract work on his website brings about mixed feelings, i like some of his work using the bold colours but some i find aren’t abstract enough as i can tell what they are or there about, it doesn’t leave me totally unknown which is what i believe abstraction to be, for example.

These two above i can tell the first one is some kind of wooden structure for a building, roof perhaps, but i know it’s a wooden structure, and the second is clearly a sign advertising Winston and radio, yes the full picture doesn’t expose everything and your kept guessing as to what but you can still recognise the letters creating words, these were in his abstract gallery.

Yet here the first two were in his abstract gallery and in my view are abstract, i can’t work out what they are yet i like looking at them. The third image is from the flora gallery but i can’t tell its a flower or plant, its abstract to me. So obviously theres confusion to what is absraction?

Week 3, The digital new possibilities

Abstract and impressionistic photography.

I’ve decided this is my project going forward for this module. I was struggling a bit up util now as i had a lot going on in my personal life which was confusing my choice in my photography. It is now obvious that my photography practice and my life in general are very much connected, Physically and mentally. If i have an issue in my life it reflects onto my work. I wonder how many other practitioners have this in their life?

This weeks topic up for debate and development is social media and how it is used and or effects us as photographers. This area to me is a mind field, i don’t like it or more to the point i don’t like putting myself out their to be liked or not liked, i find it all a bit of a mental midfield, something which i’m working through. I know i have to embrace it more and i’m finding a way to do that.

I’ve just posted on fb about my instagram account to generate more followers, but the project we were given i’m confused about, i don’t really get it. I think i need to re read a few more times to get the gist of it all. 

Week 2, You are a business


Looking at some of these images are making me cringe, the quality is very bad. The ICM makes them look like camera shake of a novices, it’s making me laugh with embarrassment, but i guess thats the hole idea to get them to blurr, but whilst i work out the amount of ICM i require the process is alittle disconcerting. It makes me feel like i should go out and capture perfectly sharp landscape images, which i know is nonsense but its interesting to think about my initial reaction to the process, its going against everything i’ve learnt and read about to do with photography. It’s always about getting it sharp and in focus and here i am now purposely making it blurred and out of focus. It’s actually harder than i thought it would be, in camera to getting the desired look i’m after in my mind and mentally challenging to challenge my pre conceived ideas about the image production. If people viewed my work who didn’t know what i’m trying to achieve and experiment with they would think i’m not a very good photographer. I guess this is the trauma i’m experiencing, the thought that people will judge my work as amateur and not very good. 

My first shoot back from summer break. I’ve been struggling to think of what i wanted to focus on so after my webinar with Krishna i just went out and shot like she said to, here’s the image below. I’m continuing on from last modules multi layered images in the landscape. I’m experimenting this module with ICM and multi layers and double exposure. I’ve never done ICM before so it’s all new to me and harder than i thought. I can see in my minds eye image that i would like to create. As autumn approaches and i view the landscape i see all the colour appearing and changing daily. All the lovely autumnal colours i think would make great painterly effects as if a paintbrush covered with autumn colours has been swiped along the canvas. Thats what i see and what to create, much harder than i expected it to be. The f stop and shutter speed needs adjusting all the time to create different effects and the amount of speed and movement is important i’m finding. In the past i’ve created some interesting abstract images from mistakes from wrong setting and had a lovely surprise image, but when i’m trying to actually create that image on purpose its very difficult.

Here below are the final icm images from this shoot, some i’m finding interesting more than others. I like the really bright green and black abstract image and the yellow and blue one which you can tell still resemble trees. I trying to work out whether i want the image to be totally abstract or impressionistic of the place. At the moment i’ll just keep taking and exploring and see what happens.


The second shoot this week was contrasted to yesterday, blue sky are grey today, which has put me in a grey mood. I was in a mood today, feeling a bit sorry for myself and i didn’t want to go out and do anything, but i forced myself as i knew getting outside and the fresh air with walking in nature would help, if nothing else its a great place to let it all go into, This is why i love being outdoors so much, it lifts my spirits. So with a heavy heart and full mind i go out mainly for walking purposes but with my camera on my back. If i feel the urge to capture something then i will but i won’t force it. I’ll just go to make me feel better, thats more important than getting the image. As i walked around the lake as always it draws me into its world and i’m thinking of it not me. I love watching the wildlife on the lake, as this time of year migrating geese, coots and swans are all on the lake fighting for their place to call home for the winter, the stories unfold before your eyes. I love watching it it makes me very happy and content. As you can see from above i did multi layered images again and i’ve started to incorporate one in focus image with a icm image, and i like some of the results, below are the final edit from todays shoot. 

You can see from my images how i take them, one focused then one ICM and merge them together, some ideas work better than others. What works in your head and what you can capture are two very different things. I’ve always said that about life in general. The fear you have in your mind regarding a situation is far worse than what reality holds, it’s never that bad as what we once feared because we don’t have enough faith in our own ability to cope with situations. 

I see things in my minds eye, in reality that i want to frame into existence, before i saw it it didn’t exist, but now it does for all to see. Only i see the world the way i see it and it’s unique to me and i love that about photography. I love the ability to go into another world, can’t you see what i see? 


This week we have a lot of lectures going on, ones been cancelled and moved to next week but so far this week we’ve heard from Victoria Forest-book designer. www.designedbyvictoria.com 

A really interesting and useful lecture about book designer and the process involved, i think i will revisit it again to and write more notes on it. This is an area i would love to get into as i love books and over the years have collected many but with my constant moving around i have given them away and re collect the pattern is endless. One day i will have a great library of my own. Working in the houses i do as a private housekeeper i’ve been privileged to be around some great libraries and books and the principles are always kind and allow me to borrow, read, browse their book collections. I want to write a book one day and produce a few photograhy books, this subject goes into our weeks topic of business matters. I have no intention of being a freelance photographer, i’m to lazy and old to start that now, i’ll stick to private hk/cook to keep me employed. I’ve realised from doing this MA i’ve been working on a long term project without realising it. Life as a modern day housekeeper for the privilege few, I’ve always used my work to take me to places that i’ve wanted to explore, or just felt that the place would give me inspiration, i’ve turned down jobs as i don’t feel the place in terms of my photography. Now i’m learning more about my work in practice i will be still making choices about my work place but maybe with a different thought behind it from before. Instead of being about the landscape, even though thats still important to my mental health, i’ll look for the narrative. 

Week 1, From Here to There

First week back to uni and as always i’m looking for my next job and move.

So i came back from Cumbria literally on hand in day last term, Talk about timing….I got a job back home and i’m living with the folks who have kindly let me stay till i get another live in role. I’ve found and interim job in the meantime as a chef at a local restaurant run by a young couple. It’s a lovely little family unit but not enough money and i really don’t like being back in the kitchen environment anymore thats why i change career paths 6 years ago to private hk/cook/chef its much more suitable and my body had had enough of chefing, i have a few repetitive strain injuries in my wrists and hands which are showing themselves again, not good as its also making it harder to pick the camera up but i’ll keep going until something else comes up.

So thats life for me at the moment, back at my folks in the West Midlands, working as a chef in a restaurant and completing this degree in my free time.

hmmmm course work. Not really sure where i’m at. I have a lot going on in my head about work, finances, all the above and it’s confusing me to do with my uni work. I guess it’s because i’m over thinking and thinking i’ll hopefully be moving soon to another job soon, one that i do want to stay in for a while as i’m getting tired of moving around. I want to settle somewhere for a few years. So hopefully this will be my last move for a few years at least, but this is stopping me from committing to some project.

Having spoken to Krishna this morning on the webinar it made me settle and calm the mind about the work, i just need to go and take some images of what i’m thinking and go with the flow. I do understand this process as i’ve been here before and things do evolve natural if you allow it and have faith that things will find there way, the more you stress and try and control everything thats when you usually find it all goes wrong. Follow the instinct within you and trust my own inner voice, the calm one not the panicking crazy one. I need to chill a bit and enjoy the moment and stop trying to make everything happen all at once. It will all come together, sometimes you just need that helping hand to remind you to stop, take a breath and exhale slowly. Thanks krishna you did that this morning. I keep thinking about taking up Yoga maybe now is the time help me chill out some more, focus the mind and body.

So i’m going to go with what i had in mind which is to documenting Himley Hall Park and house near me. It’s a historic house and park land once owned by the Earl of Dudley, the park was designed by Capability Brown and in it’s hay day in the 1920’s it housed parties which Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson attended when he abdicated the throne. One room had a indoor swimming pool with a slide from the top balcony in it, now the room houses weddings and functions but designed in 1920’s style in keeping with when the house was in its prime. The swimming pool is still under the floor and when you walk around the room you can hear the change in your steps to show where the empty pool is. These hidden features within grand houses fascinate me of a time gone by.

I’ve photographed the place for years now in a documentary style, recording the different seasons and the wildlife within the park, but i want to approach differently now, from my last project i was using multi layered images and towards the end i experiments with double exposure and ICM (intentional camera movement) i want to explore this more in this module, along side the abstract impressionist style of photography within the land. All my locations are tourist or visitor attraction, i’ll look into tourism and the tourist gaze further. I do notice that when i’m at Himley Hall, a lot of different people go there and use to for different means, maybe i could look into this more, the connection to why its used today as what it was originally made for.

Just a few images from my phone so you can start to see what i’m talking about.