Week 3, The digital new possibilities

Abstract and impressionistic photography.

I’ve decided this is my project going forward for this module. I was struggling a bit up util now as i had a lot going on in my personal life which was confusing my choice in my photography. It is now obvious that my photography practice and my life in general are very much connected, Physically and mentally. If i have an issue in my life it reflects onto my work. I wonder how many other practitioners have this in their life?

This weeks topic up for debate and development is social media and how it is used and or effects us as photographers. This area to me is a mind field, i don’t like it or more to the point i don’t like putting myself out their to be liked or not liked, i find it all a bit of a mental midfield, something which i’m working through. I know i have to embrace it more and i’m finding a way to do that.

I’ve just posted on fb about my instagram account to generate more followers, but the project we were given i’m confused about, i don’t really get it. I think i need to re read a few more times to get the gist of it all. 

After re reading the assignment again i’ve decided not to do it. Most of the assignments i don’t do. I do think about it to see if the benefits will be worth the output. This project