Week 4 Show and tell

I’ve done the usual, i’ve gone out to shoot and my batteries dead, how many times do i do this school girl error. Never mind, i’ll research instead whilst the batteries charging and i’ll go out later this afternoon, might get some lovely evening light on the autumn leaves later on too as its sunny day.

I’m currently researching into abstract photography.

Came across Ernst Haas, Ernst Haas (1921–1986) is acclaimed as one of the most celebrated and influential photographers of the 20th century and considered one of the pioneers of color photography. Haas was born in Vienna in 1921, and took up photography after the war. Looking at his abstract work on his website brings about mixed feelings, i like some of his work using the bold colours but some i find aren’t abstract enough as i can tell what they are or there about, it doesn’t leave me totally unknown which is what i believe abstraction to be, for example.

These two above i can tell the first one is some kind of wooden structure for a building, roof perhaps, but i know it’s a wooden structure, and the second is clearly a sign advertising Winston and radio, yes the full picture doesn’t expose everything and your kept guessing as to what but you can still recognise the letters creating words, these were in his abstract gallery.

Yet here the first two were in his abstract gallery and in my view are abstract, i can’t work out what they are yet i like looking at them. The third image is from the flora gallery but i can’t tell its a flower or plant, its abstract to me. So obviously theres confusion to what is absraction?

I’ve been a bit manic this week with work but i managed to get out for a few quick shoots. I’m experimenting with icm and multi layered imaging to create abstract imagery. Just from a few shoots i’m began to realise that the icm movement creates line effect images and the zoom effect creates a zoom burst effect. You can create different colours but i’m feeling that the overall effect is the same just different colours. I want to get shapes, patterns, texture into the images not just lines and burst. So i’m thinking on the technical aspect of how to get this using the camera, or looking at things around me which will create a different look.

Below are some of the above finished images processed in photoshop, these are single images using ICM, some i like more than others, but as i said above, i’m noticing that they seem to be all lined images so far, which is ok but i don’t want a whole WIP set of images with lines in it, that to me isn’t a good example of variety in abstraction. I’m going to go back to the camera and do some in camera multi layered images and try and get some images which have more shapes in them not just lines.

Here are the other images i’ve multi layered in camera settings and then processed in photoshop.

These images show a similarity to paintings i used to do when i painted.

So my methodology in what i look for hasn’t changed must over the years and i’m draw to finding these styles. Whether i paint or take photographs.