Week 5 Stronger Together

This weeks topic is networking and collaboration. We had a project to meet someone new and take some images from that conversation. I haven’t done the project but i did have some networking going on behind the scenes with out me trying over the past few weeks.

I’ve been looking for my next hk role and i went for an interview with a couple in Wiltshire. We had a great conversation mainly about other things than the actually job itself. They asked about myself and what i was doing my interests etc so i told them about my photography practice and MA degree. They were very interested in this along with my chef background. Well, i didn’t get the position and he said his PA would be in touch, but instead i had a phone call from him saying that they really enjoyed our conversation and meeting with me and even though they choose someone else, a local lady for the position they would like to keep in touch and maybe in the future there might be work opportunities, from the conversation i had i’m guessing it was more along the lines for cooking workshops at their large property they hire out in Cornwall, but thats ok as workshops, whether cooking or photography is a future plan of mine. We ended the conversation on good terms with what might or mayn’t amount to anything but it goes to show that things come out of the strangest meetings. The man i met was Jon Connell the author of Connells guides https://www.connellguides.com he write small guides on essays and literature.

I went to he coast to have a contrast of landscapes to work with instead of countryside as i found i was getting a little bored and nothing inspiring. Plus i needed a sea fix, i’ve lived most my adult life by the sea and i find i need to be near it and smell the sea, look out to the horizon line with a big open view infant of me. This process helps clear the mind. The big open space allows free thought process. I always find it amazing how different locations emote a different feeling and bring out different senses. At lot of my work relates to my state of mind and what i need personally. I guess it’s a guiding force in my work as i do it for self not for others or monetary value.

Above are the post production images from the shoot. Whilst out i was looking for bright colours in the environment but also just going where i wanted, and with water areas i usually find that if i go into a meditative state i start to see more patterns, shapes come out from the landscape. I think is what happens when you have a relaxed none thinking state of mind. What is known as Mindfullness, You are in the mind but the mind is clear of thought.

The different environment did bring out different shapes, patterns which is what i hoped for in contrast the countryside images.