Week 6 Oral Presentation

Part of the strategy in this project is to go to different landscapes and use the different textures within that landscape to get different abstract images. Using the same landscape i found delivers the same looking images, trees create a lot of lines, water rounder or wiggly lines. So the aim is to have a body of work which is a collection of abstract images from different landscapes. So this week i went on a road trip down south west to Somerset to Weston super mare where i walked around looking for texture, lines and things which i could form into abstraction.


I was looking for bold features or colours to use a blocks of colour using the ICM to make a sweep across the image. Here are a few post production images from this shoot.

Finished Multi layered and ICM images


A few days later i went back and noticed some water reflections which work well with abstraction, i multi layered to get a contrast image in, merge it with an image that has lines in it.

I’m looking out in the landscape to find pockets of art, its all around but i think unless your into that creative mind frame you won’t see anything out there. I have a painting background and i always look out into the world with a frame in mind, my eyes going to pockets of reality and pull out a moment in time thats only visible for that moment in my vision, its unique to me and my creativity.

I can see when looking into the world the images coming out and showing themselves to me.