Week 7 The Current Commercial Environment

I’m going to my day job this week to take some images, trying find some abstraction in the kitchen environment, whilst i’m there the boss as me to take some images. I know they won’t pay me for them. This is the usual problem photographers have. They do all there social media and advertising with their phones. I said i’d do it for 10p. Yes, it made us laugh to. Obviously i wouldn’t do this normally for anybody else. I’m only doing it as i asked for permission to come in on my day off to do some work for uni, i guess it’s favour for favour.

So i’ve been commissioned this week to take a series of images from the kitchen, the kitchen i work in is an open kitchen and i’m guessing the boss wants to show the goings on inside the kitchen in a bit more detail, she’s seen a few of my images on instagram and said she liked to use a few on the work post, not all of themas some didn’t fit for marketing /advertising purposes, for e.g., one i took of the dishwasher, not the best to advertise a restaurant with but good for me documenting life as a chef.

i’ll post on here later.

Back to my project, i’ve been taking some images on my phone in the kitchen when i see marks made on the surfaces. I’ve always found an industrial kitchen a good place for image making especially abstraction as it’s a very textured environment.

I have explored this before.

Below are some old picture showing examples of abstract work i’ve done in a kitchen previously

I haven’t worked in a industrial kitchen for many years as i changed careers, but as i’m back in i’m seeing all the images come out of the environment again. I’m cooking up a image.

I took these images for my work this week and they are using them for their social media advertising campaign and for their new website which is being developed. They are tagging me into the posts. So this week my work is being seen by a lot of people which is great. This shoot took about 20 minutes to do. They aren’t the best images but as i’m not getting paid properly only the 10p which we agreed i didn’t want to spend hours of my free time for nothing. I was also looking for my own work within this shoot but i didn’t find much, only a one image has come out of it, this one below. I think i was using the wrong lens so i will go back with the other lens. My iPhone camera always seems best in the kitchen. but i can’t do ICM with it or double exposure.

Researching into what abstraction is, Leman states that, ‘abstraction is a very diverse category of images made using an assortment of techniques, and with equally varied intentions, but which have in common the avoidance of symbolic representation. 'Abstract photography rejects the idea that something identifiable must be depicted. To achieve this, an abstract photograph may emphasise the internal structures of the image, visualise the invisible, or manifest pure visuality.

I see this as we as creatives who choose to use photography as their choice of medium see things out there in the environment before them that the none creatives doesn’t see. I feel this myself as i gaze into the foreground before me. To see the details within the view i usually need to go into a meditative state, it’s been known that i’ve gone into a trance like state, a dream world that only i see. I could be standing next to another photographer but we will see a different view. We all have a different creative platform. Thats why i like the layers i use in the images as it represented how i see the world before me, i have layers i go into to see more detail and different to what i first instantly seen.