Week 8 Who buys photography? Part 1

I have watched a webinar by Doug Chinnery, it was from ON Landscape Magazine which i subscribe too,


The link above is where you can view the webinar on ICM.

He resinates with me with the process of creating images that are not on conventional in terms of traditional landscape photographs. In the lecture he shows how he uses different cameras and the iPhone being one, he uses apps which create the icm effect. With this news i get very excited as now i can go back into the kitchen where the iPhone works best and create things how i see them and get creative. The industrial kitchen environment is a great place for explore landscape. Landscapes in a kitchen, well its part of the land environment and the surfaces are to me like mini landscapes. Always changing like the outside land. Marks swept away by the chefs or KP’s (kitchen porters)never there long and you can never make the mark or mess again as it’s a substring of the creative food process.

I haven’t taken any more images but above are a few more from what i already have. Multi layering images can produce images when you think you have exhausted all the possibilities. You just need to look a little different at the images and find something different in them.

I haven’t been inspired to get the camera out this week but i’ve been watching more you tube videos.


I’m going to start my Oral presentation this week as it takes mean age to do.

I haven’t enjoyed this module, the module content and what i choose to study. It’s concerning me going forward to FMP. I don’t want to make a wrong choice as i can only do this once. I’m feeling a bit lost and unsure of things presently.