Week 11, Art and Commerce

This week i was reading an article from outdoor photography, it was about taking stunning landscape image. I have to admit that the title didn't draw me in, as i know reading these articles and following their tips won’t create stunning landscape images. Time, patience, learnt experiences and a creative insight is needed but i guess their aiming at the amateur. Thats sound quiet pretentious, i guess it’s a statement coming from someone who learnt how to take images from magazines so i’m not under estimating their need, i guess i’ve just moved forward as i’ve been there, but i do have to say that outdoor photography is the only magazine i buy in the amateur mag realm. It can still hold my attention. I brought this mag as it had ICM in it. Part of the Stunning landscape article included ICM (Intentional Camera Movement ). The article did state that Medium format does suit abstract images. If i had my medium format Bronica working i would have used it for this project as i love for medium format style, and as i shoot from the hip with it i feel it shows the world from another level. This format suits fine art images which i think abstract fall into. So with this in mind i’ve converted all the images to square format and i think it was the right decision as yeah they have a more finer feel now. It suits them more.

From this selection i’m going to choose my 18 WIP image. As Gary suggested lsat time i’ll use a white background as it shows them off better. I don’t know why i choose a black as i never usually use black.

And they will be single images this time compared to the diptych style i did last time.

It’s going to be hard to select my WIP as i like most of these images but i have to think which work best together and explain what i’ve been doing during this project. I know instantly some of my favourites won’t be in the final selection due to being impressionistic in style not abstract enough. Like these for instant.

I really like these images, the impressionist style yet still slightly abstract but i don’t have enough to produce a body of work with them.

After reading about the mindful photography in Suler’s work it straight away brought to mind a book i read a while ago written by a good friend of mine, Manifesting your magnifiicene, The Energetics of Being by J, Walmsley. She lives in one of the house on the Estate at Iford Manor where i took my first house keeping role. It links to the work i produce with the images. It’s all connected.


This weeks guest talk was with Felicity McCAbe, i found the talk very interesting in the way she approachers her work and the idea that it’s all link resinates with me. Another light bulb moment where i thought yeah i guess my works like that, when i reflect back and look at the work i’ve produced whether it’s painting or photography it’s all has a link to it. Isn’t everybody’s work like that though? like McCabe say, “it’s all from the same brain, so its routes, not projects.”