Week 1, From Here to There

First week back to uni and as always i’m looking for my next job and move.

So i came back from Cumbria literally on hand in day last term, Talk about timing….I got a job back home and i’m living with the folks who have kindly let me stay till i get another live in role. I’ve found and interim job in the meantime as a chef at a local restaurant run by a young couple. It’s a lovely little family unit but not enough money and i really don’t like being back in the kitchen environment anymore thats why i change career paths 6 years ago to private hk/cook/chef its much more suitable and my body had had enough of chefing, i have a few repetitive strain injuries in my wrists and hands which are showing themselves again, not good as its also making it harder to pick the camera up but i’ll keep going until something else comes up.

So thats life for me at the moment, back at my folks in the West Midlands, working as a chef in a restaurant and completing this degree in my free time.

hmmmm course work. Not really sure where i’m at. I have a lot going on in my head about work, finances, all the above and it’s confusing me to do with my uni work. I guess it’s because i’m over thinking and thinking i’ll hopefully be moving soon to another job soon, one that i do want to stay in for a while as i’m getting tired of moving around. I want to settle somewhere for a few years. So hopefully this will be my last move for a few years at least, but this is stopping me from committing to some project.

Having spoken to Krishna this morning on the webinar it made me settle and calm the mind about the work, i just need to go and take some images of what i’m thinking and go with the flow. I do understand this process as i’ve been here before and things do evolve natural if you allow it and have faith that things will find there way, the more you stress and try and control everything thats when you usually find it all goes wrong. Follow the instinct within you and trust my own inner voice, the calm one not the panicking crazy one. I need to chill a bit and enjoy the moment and stop trying to make everything happen all at once. It will all come together, sometimes you just need that helping hand to remind you to stop, take a breath and exhale slowly. Thanks krishna you did that this morning. I keep thinking about taking up Yoga maybe now is the time help me chill out some more, focus the mind and body.

So i’m going to go with what i had in mind which is to documenting Himley Hall Park and house near me. It’s a historic house and park land once owned by the Earl of Dudley, the park was designed by Capability Brown and in it’s hay day in the 1920’s it housed parties which Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson attended when he abdicated the throne. One room had a indoor swimming pool with a slide from the top balcony in it, now the room houses weddings and functions but designed in 1920’s style in keeping with when the house was in its prime. The swimming pool is still under the floor and when you walk around the room you can hear the change in your steps to show where the empty pool is. These hidden features within grand houses fascinate me of a time gone by.

I’ve photographed the place for years now in a documentary style, recording the different seasons and the wildlife within the park, but i want to approach differently now, from my last project i was using multi layered images and towards the end i experiments with double exposure and ICM (intentional camera movement) i want to explore this more in this module, along side the abstract impressionist style of photography within the land. All my locations are tourist or visitor attraction, i’ll look into tourism and the tourist gaze further. I do notice that when i’m at Himley Hall, a lot of different people go there and use to for different means, maybe i could look into this more, the connection to why its used today as what it was originally made for.

Just a few images from my phone so you can start to see what i’m talking about.